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  • Hamofa Industrial Engines

    Hamofa inc. is a multinational leader in industrial diesel engines and has four decades of experience with ultimate customer satisfaction. Whether you depend on a diesel engine in your electric power generation or propelling your marine ship, you can trust Hamofa Industrial Diesel Engines for quality service and express delivery for any of the various services that offer new and rebuilt engines and equipment. Hamofa supplies new engines, used engines, reconditioned engines, parts, power packs, heavy generators, and testing facilities for engines and equipment of any type. Hamofa serves thousands of customers spread around the globe with decades-long services.

  • Diesel Engines And Parts Specialists

    An engine is a type of machine, which is used to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy. Industrial engines are the type of internal combustion engines that are used to provide high output power for industrial and commercial purposes. We at Hamofa are familiar with this complexity of the engines, especially for the industrial engines. We use high tech technology to observe the engine performance and its adequacy for your job.

    Hamofa Industrial Engines is an authorized supplier of many international brands like Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, Perkins, and others. Hamofa carries out inspections and testing before the shipping of any engine or part to maintain the highest level of quality standards throughout the world.

  • Industrial Diesel Engines

    Hamofa deals with a broad range of diesel engine choices from fresh and retrofitted good order industrial engines. In case your industrial engine fails, you can contact us to have a substitute that fits your requirements and budget.

    New Engines
    We offer new high-tech brand engines at competitive prices. Our unused surplus stock engines offer particular value for money. All-new engines are from prominent manufacturers like Caterpillar and Cummins.

    Reconditioned Engines.
    Sometimes old engines are preferred with the ultimate performance and under budget constraints. We have the solution for this and provide you with reconditioned industrial engines at an economical price. Our experts calibrate these engines by utilizing advanced tools to give you the ultimate experience with our reconditioned industrial engines.

    Used Engines
    This is a cost-effective choice for the customer. We have different brands and variants for used engines and they are tested to give a long-lasting power supply to your industrial demand.

    We provide an extended warranty of up to 12 months on all our variants and brands.

  • Equipment and Parts For Diesel Engines

    Hamofa does not only deal with engines but also has a wide variety of equipment and parts of Diesel Engines. These parts and equipment are an integral part of the engine and they are necessary for the smooth and efficient running of an industrial engine or machine. Some of them are listed below.

    • Cylinder block assembly
    • Piston
    • Crankshaft
    • Flywheel
    • Brake system
    • Clutch kit
    • Silencer
    • Air dryer
    • Cylinder block
    • Turbocharge
    • Many More
  • Hamofa Testing Facility

    We have an in-house testing facility for checking the performance of engines and equipment. The testing is carried out on sophisticated computer programmed machines, which can show you live results on a video call, and provides a computer-generated report of all parameters.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with European and American standards - ISO 9001 compliant. Need an Engine or part? Feel free to contact us.