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Reconditioned Engines Explained
Do you need a high-quality reconditioned engine at a low cost? Or maybe you need a model that is no longer in the market. There’s also the possibility that you need an engine that is more customizable in terms of ability and space.

Hamofa has the solution to all your needs and more. We have reconditioned engines of all types with different power requirements. Our highly experienced team can rebuild the machine to fit your power demand by considering your production space constraints.
What Are Reconditioned Engines?
In simple language, a reconditioned engine is an engine that’s repaired, modified, or serviced to make it almost as good as new in terms of appearance, performance, and reliability. When it comes to reconditioning an engine, all the parts are dismantled, including piston rings, timing chains, and all the other moving parts of the machine.

Once the engine gets deconstructed, the parts are either replaced or restored to their original condition. The list of replaced parts may include camshaft, oil pump, oil and filter, timing chains, the piston, and valve springs.

We at Hamofa Inc. are experts in reconditioning engines. Our team consists of highly experienced, skilled professionals who use advanced tools inside our superior testing facility. You can rest assured knowing that we’re ISO-9001 compliant and follow the European and American standards of quality in our reconditioning process. Our refurbished machines give you the same experience of a brand new, customized engine.
Top Remanufactured Engines for Sale
We are among the most extensive diesel engine rebuilders in the world. Our stock has hundreds of long block and short block diesel engines ready to empower your application

Hamofa is the name you can trust for excellent quality engines and outstanding customer service. We are among the most reliable engine suppliers globally, and our mastery comes from the thousands of amazing customers around the world who used our reconditioned engines.

All of these customers appreciated the many qualities and benefits of getting an engine reconditioned by Hamofa like:

  • Get the exact machine or engine for your operation.
  • Certified quality
  • Performs just like a new engine
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Available in all Hamofa warehouses in Europe and America.
Reconditioned Diesel Engines
Reconditioned Diesel Engines provided by Hamofa are the best of the best, and they’re available at the lowest prices. Our engine rebuilding services are available globally, and we’re proud to say that we’ve maintained a high standard of quality no matter the location. You can use our rebuilt engines in multiple sectors, including industrial, marine, transport, and many more.

With Hamofa, your search for qualified mechanics to recondition your engine is over.
Why Choose Hamofa for Reconditioned Diesel Engines?
  • Highly qualified mechanics rebuild our reconditioned engines.
  • Economical and as reliable as a brand new engine.
  • All of our engines are dyno tested.
  • Quality assurance certification.
  • 12 months warranty.

If you’re looking for a reconditioned engine that can meet your demands and standards from a reliable supplier, count on Hamofa for the best experience.

We provide 24 hours delivery service to all of Europe.