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Дизельные двигатели

Hamofa Diesel Engines
Internal combustion engines convert energy from many types of fuels into usable mechanical energy which creates movement in the engine’s piston. The linear motion of the pistons produces the rotary motion of a crankshaft. Which turns the wheels or propellers and enables motion in vehicles. Diesel engines are built to provide lasting, fuel-efficient power in a wide range of applications, enabling them one of the most popular types of internal combustion engines. Some of the common applications of diesel engines are:

  • Power Generators
  • Tractors and large agricultural equipment
  • Marine vessels
  • Large locomotives

At Hamofa Inc. we provide Diesel Engines, generators, marine engines, associated parts, and automotive parts to keep your equipment running at its optimal level. We maintain a comprehensive parts warehouse for diesel engines. Our warehouses in Europe and the USA are filled with renowned brands like Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN, and other high-tech manufacturers of Diesel Engines. We deal with New Engines, Reconditioned, and Used Engines. All engines are provided with European standards quality and tested in the advanced testing facility of Hamofa.
Diesel Engines for Sale
If you need a diesel engine from a trusted and reputed supplier who has a global presence for decades then, Hamofa is the best choice. Hamofa is itself a brand that is involved in the business of diesel engines for more than 40 years. We are not selling only engines, but our quality, our decades-long expertise, and our deep-rooted troubleshooting methods with our engines. We have different varieties of diesel engines in our warehouses for your particular power demand.

Our stock is filled with all-time reliable engines like CATERPILLAR C12.9, Cummins 6.7L, MAN D2066-LOH26, DETROIT 12V149TI, PERKINS 4,236LD, and many other top performance engines. Every component of reconditioned and used engines is tested prior to shipment and provided 3 months long warranty. All-new engines are provided with 12 months long warranty.
New, Reconditioned, and Used Diesel Engines
Hamofa has been fulfilling industrial power demand for nearly 40 years by providing a variety of diesel engines to its loyal customers. Our inventory has multiple varieties of different brands for your diesel engine requirement. We sell New engines, Reconditioned engines, and Used engines to our customers to provide them our European and American standard service at a modest price range. We also buy old engines in exchange for our new or used engines, if you want to sell your old engine we will take it.

New Diesel Engine

New Diesel engines from the top manufacturers are available at our warehouses in Europe and the USA. We provide 12 months warranty with our engines and global transportation services for the engines.

Reconditioned Diesel Engines

We have reconditioned engines for your particular power needs at a low price and guaranteed performance. Our reconditioned facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and skilled mechanics.

Used Diesel Engines

Used engines are desired for their reliability and low budget. Hamofa Used engines are highly efficient and reliable. Before shipment, we check and test every component of engines and provide our 3 months trusted warranty.

If you need any type of diesel engine from any brand, trust Hamofa- the world’s renowned diesel engine supplier for the urgent, reliable, cost-efficient machine.